A blog from Siberia – Day 3

Blog number 3 from Alto Laura:

27th June @ 12.30pm (7.30am UK/Irish time)

We are just heading off to Day 2 of rehearsals with the amazing Russian choir (Musica Aeterna).

Yesterday was a great day, rehearsals went really well and everyone was happy with the result of combining the two choirs.

Although we were quite tired yesterday evening, the majority of the choir went to dinner in a Ukrainian restaurant near the hotel. The food was really tasty but ordering was a little bit of a challenge, we had to share the 4 English menus between 16 people!

I think you can see from some of the photos we took that the translations are pretty funny!

The light in the evenings is quite extraordinary here. At 11pm last night it seemed as through it were midday, and it was still bright at midnight!

Anyway, better go to rehearsal now!


Rehearsals on Day 1
Rehearsal on Day 1 – Paul Hillier conducting
Menu 2
Interesting Menus!
Menu 1
More interesting menus
Midnight in Perm
Unbelievably bright midnight in Perm!