Masters of the Baroque 1

Wexford Opera House, Wexford
6 June 2020 7:30pm
St Ann's Church, Dawson Street, Dublin 2
7 June 2020 3:30pm

Following the success of our Before Bach and After series in 2018/2019, we begin a new series entitled Masters of the Baroque. In the first of this series, we present Claudio Monteverdi’s Missa In Illo Tempore which gets its title from the Franco-Flemish composer, Nicholas Gombert’s motet of the same name, and the work was published at the same time as Monteverdi’s more well-known Vespers (1610). Schütz studied in Venice and while his principle teacher was Giovanni Gabrieli, a second visit to Venice in 1629 was when he met Monteverdi. There are hints of Italian style even in the Musikalische Exequien. While its proportions may appear modest, this work is commonly regarded as one of Schütz’s most endearing works.

Missa In Illo Tempore: Kyrie, GloriaClaudio Monteverdi
In illo tempore loquente JesuNicholas Gombert
Missa In Illo Tempore: CredoClaudio Monteverdi
Missa In Illo Tempore: Sanctus, AgnusClaudio Monteverdi
Musikalische Exequien Heinrich Schütz
Paul HillierConductor
Chamber Choir Ireland