An Island Sings

National Concert Hall, Dublin

24 March 2019


Elaine Agnew & Jessica TraynorAn Island Sings


Chamber Choir Ireland
Christopher BellConductor
Chamber Choir Ireland
Conwal Singers
Cór Mhaigh Eo
Millennium Choir
Oriel Singers
Nas Na Rí
Viva Voce

In this very special concert, 6 choirs from across the island of Ireland will join together for a group performance alongside Chamber Choir Ireland of the new work ‘An Island Sings’ in the National Concert Hall conducted by the renowned conductor Christopher Bell, showcasing the rich and vibrant choral community that exists in Ireland today.

The Association of Irish Choirs, Chamber Choir Ireland and Poetry Ireland partnered and commissioned composer Elaine Agnew and poet Jessica Traynor to write a new work for massed adult community choirs, two pianos and percussion. Initially working with one choir from each province to guide and direct the development of the work, the next stage of the project saw the development of this commission with the input of additional project choirs and workshops with members of Chamber Choir Ireland in the Autumn of 2018. ‘An Island Sings’ tells the stories and experiences of the singers involved in the project in six songs. 

Song 1: Song of the Dusk 
Song 2: Song of the Night Worker 
Song 3: Song of the Insomniac 
Song 4: Song of the Parent’s 
Song 5: Song of the Migrant 
Song 6: Song of the Dawn

Presented by the Association of Irish Choirs, Chamber Choir Ireland and Poetry Ireland