For Love is Strong: CCI at Limerick Sings Virtual Choral Festival

University Concert Hall, Limerick, Online Concert

13 June 2021


David Langagain (after ecclesiastes) from the writings
David Langfor love is strong from the writings
David Langgive me
David LangI want to live
David LangI live in pain from love fail
David Langhead, heart from love fail
David Langwhere you go (after the book of ruth) from the writings
David Langsolitary from the writings


Chamber Choir Ireland

This year, Limerick Sings International Choral Festival has gone virtual. Live streamed from the stage of University Concert Hall Limerick, Chamber Choir Ireland will perform a concert of works by David Lang, including a selection from The Writings—four of the five movements composed over the course of 14 years. Each movement is based on a book from The Writings of the Hebrew Bible which, according to the composer, deal with 'life and death, courage, love, companionship, regret.’
On the music itself, Lang has said 'I thought that if I took some of the language that seemed universal in each of these writings and set it to music I might be able to make my own emotional catalog, and that I would be able to use the music to get to the humanity that is at the core of these very human texts.’